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Meraki has had the pleasure of catering various events, from grazing box deliveries for birthdays, corporate catering in Albury and Wodonga, Ladies Day’s for Sporting Clubs to 3-day health retreats in Daylesford and beyond! So, if you’re after a healthier yet nourishing twist on your next event, check out our delicious options below. 


There is minimum 48hours notice for orders. If you require it sooner, please contact us as there may be exceptions on some items.

There is minimum 48hours notice for orders.

As we are not open to the public on weekends…..

20% surcharge and $250 minimum spend on Saturday

 30% surcharge with $500 minimum spend on Sunday. 

Graze Away with Me Honey

Meraki grazing platters contain everything you need to get you through a staff meeting, after work drinks, weekend mingle by the river or just Netflix on a Friday night.

What’s included:

A variety of gourmet cheeses, cold cuts, handmade dips such as roasted beetroot hummus or roasted pumpkin and cashew dip, variety of mediterranean accompaniments such as olives, marinated roasted capsicum and zucchini, an assortment of artisan crackers, fruit and vegetable sticks. 

Note: there is an additional charge for Gluten Free platters.

Our platters are served an eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable box. 


  • Small (up to 6-8 people) $80
  • Medium (up to 10-12 people) $120
  • Large (up to 16-18 people) $170 

Canapés Platter

Needing a canapé platter to accompany your salt and vinegar chips…. We’ve got you covered. So much so, you may not even need the S&V’s. May not. 

Select from options:

– Carrot, Feta and Chickpea Sausage Rolls (Veg) (2pp)

– Gourmet Beef Sausage Rolls (2pp)

– Chicken Nuggets (GF) (1pp)

– Chicken Poppers: Chicken mince mixed with our own hidden veg, cheese and rolled in gf breadcrumbs (1pp)

– Spinach and Feta Filo Pastries with Relish (1pp)

– Mini Chicken Yakitori Skewers with Nori and Sesame Sprinkle (1pp)

– Mustard Beef Crostini: Rare Roasted Beef with Horseradish Mayonnaise and Pickle (1pp)

– Pumpkin and Parmesan Arancini Balls with Arrrabiatta sauce (1pp)

– Gourmet Quiches with Roast Pumpkin and Feta or Tomato and Bacon (2pp)

– Rice Paper Rolls (Additional $2pp)

– Mini Sliders/Mini Banh Mi Rolls (Additional $2pp)

* 3 options or less – minimum 15 people

* 4 options or more – minimum 10 people

Package Costings

  • 9 options = $40.50pp
  • 8 options = $36pp
  • 7 options = $31.50pp
  • 6 options = $27pp
  • 5 options = $22.50pp
  • 4 options = $18pp
  • 3 options = $13.50pp

Fruity with a Side of Nuts (& Veg)

Everyone loves fruit…..when it’s been cut for them. Especially fruit like mango, no one has time or the know-how to cut mango. Let us do the hard yards for you. We even cut the mango so it’s easy to eat. Order one and find out…… 

Or try our Veggie sticks and hummus dips platter. It’s like eating the rainbow. 

What’s included:

Option 1. Fruit platter: Seasonal fruit platter filled with all of the best fruit without the fuss. Add nuts for an additional charge. 

Option 2. Veggie platter: Loads of vegetables accompanied with dips such as roasted beetroot hummus or roasted pumpkin and cashew dip


  • Medium (up to 10 people) $80
  • Large (up to 16 people) $130 

*Add roasted nuts for an additional $20.

You Had Me At Brunch

All of the goodness of breakfast combined with lunch….. then add a touch of health and a side of convenience and you’ve got yourself a brunch worth stopping for. We’ve got the options. You just make the choices. Simples. 

Select from options; 

  • Raw Muesli Cups (GF, DF)
  • Chia Puddings (GF, DF)
  • Berry, Banana and Walnut Bread (GF)
  • Mini Quiches (2 pp)
  • Egg, Bacon and Relish Sliders (Only available in 5 options or more) (Can be GF)

* 3 options or less – minimum 20 people

* 5 options or more – minimum 10 people


  • 5 options = $37.50pp
  • 4 options = $30p
  • 3 options = $22.50pp

Individual Packages

1. Workplace Lunchbox

What’s included?
Rice Paper Roll OR Mini Warm Curry, Gourmet Slider, Mini Savoury Pastry with Relish, Seasonal Fruit, Raspberry Brownie.

$25pp (minimum 4 people) 

2. Meraki Lunch Bowl - Delivered Direct to Your Workplace

What’s included?
Speak to one of our friendly team for our selection of lunch bowls currently in the shop. We can deliver your choices across Albury/Wodonga at a time and location that suits you!

$16-17pp (minimum 8 people)

Delivery to Albury/Wodonga is $10 (within 15km radius to Dean Street). Additional fees apply further out.

Salad Platters and Tray Bakes

DEPENDENT ON AVAILABILITY: These options and availability will vary depending on what is happening in store. Please speak to our team. Minimum $250 order required. 

We know the drill. You plan a salad for a bbq. You buy 62 different ingredients for it and a dressing that you know isn’t healthy but you don’t have time to make yourself. Spend $106 on it all for one bowl and you’re left with 26 different ingredients that you don’t use up. And the dressing ends up on the shelf in the fridge. You know the one. Full of condiments you haven’t really used.

Enter Meraki BBQ Salads and Sides.
Request a salad through our website or subscribe to our online menu to receive our weekly menu which includes a weekly family salad or side. https://cookaborough.com/meraki-produce

Select from options (will vary depending on season)

  • Vietnamese Slaw with Satay Dressing
  • Roast Vegetable and Spinach Salad with Dressing
  • Gourmet Garden Salad with Roast Pumpkin, Beetroot, Feta and Maple Cashews with Dijon Maple Dressing
  • Seasonal Greens Salad
  • Soba Noodle Salad


Salad – Serves 5-6 = $35

Salad – Serves 12-15 = $65

Don't Dessert Me

Needing something sweet but not too sweet….. we have a platter just for you. All of our sweet treats are gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free. 

What’s included:

An assortment of treats such as raspberry brownie (made from sweet potato), chocolate fudge slice, bliss balls, raw snickers slice, raspberry and peanut butter mud slice (made from cannellini beans) to name but a few. 


  • Medium (up to 10 people) $80
  • Large (up to 20 people) $150 

Meraki Produce

Meraki Produce provides a convenient option for people to order healthy and delicious meals.

You can order your meals online and pick them up at our store or have them delivered to your home in Albury/Wodonga.

We are a commercial kitchen on Dean Street in Albury where you are also able to walk in and purchase meals from our display fridge and freezer. 

We also provide a healthier and fresh alternative to event catering and cooking classes.

Store Location & Hours

Open Monday to Friday: 7 – 5

Location: 405 Kiewa Street, South Albury. NSW. 2640

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