Sharing is Caring - Mezze Platter

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We love food and we love when we can share food. Nothing says Meraki more than a platter with friends. Insert Mezze platter, the river and wine here. (IMAGE TO COME)

What’s included?

Marinated Chicken pieces or Falafels, 2 dips, tortilla wraps (can be GF), grilled vegetables, rough tabouli, feta, assortment of nuts, olives vegetable sticks amongst a few other hidden treasures. 


$25 per person (Minimum 4 people)

Meraki Produce

Meraki Produce provides a convenient option for people to order meals online and collect in-store. Either through ordering family meals, kids meals, snacks or individual meals. We are a commercial kitchen on Dean Street in Albury where you are also able to walk in and purchase meals from our display fridge and freezer. We also provide a healthier and fresh alternative to event catering and cooking classes for kids.

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